Marc Bennetts has reported on a wide range of topics, including the anti-Putin opposition, the crisis in Ukraine, the Kremlinís nuclear threats, Russian eco-protests, Soviet psychics, Iranian comic book artists, North Korean football, and Siberian punk. Links to selected articles, in no particular order, below.

"Death In Russia: Who Is Behind The Grand Theft Auto Killers Moscow's Most Notorious Gang?"   - Newsweek

"Alexei Navalny: Is Russia's Anti-Corruption Vladimir Putin's Kryptonite?"   - Newsweek

"Moscow Home Demolition Plans Are Galvanizing Residents Against Putin's Party"   - Newsweek

"My Life in Pussy Riot"   - The Times

"30ft-high statue of Mikhail Kalashnikov unveiled in Moscow "   - The Guardian

"What if Donal Trump Played the Kremlin?"   - Politico

"Rex Tillerson's Warm Relationship With Putin Chills Kremlin Critics's Hopes"   - Newsweek

"Putinís holy war"   - Politico

"Tim Barrow, invisible ambassador"   - Politico

"Putinís army prepares for 2018 World Cup"   - Politico

"Death threats over film of tsarís affair"   - The Times

"Putinís rival barred from election by fraud verdict"   - The Times

"North Korean defector faces torture or death"   - The Times

"Moscow spy chief accused of treason over US hacking"   - The Times

"Nato accuses Russia of stoking tensions in Europe over Baltic deployment of anti-ship missiles"   - The Telegraph

"Russia's Bad Health Care System Is Getting Worse"   - Newsweek

"Chechen leaderís boys in cage fight spectacle"   - The Times

"Boom in clairvoyants that Moscow didnít see coming"   - The Times

"Putin's War in Syria: Why Russians Don't Seem to Care About It"   - Newsweek

"A New Russian Law Targets Evangelicals and Other 'Foreign' Religions"   - Newsweek

"Fear and football: My night in Moscow with the Russian Ultras"   - The Times

"Down Syndrome Kids Are Still Made to Feel 'Undesirable' in Russia"   - Newsweek

"Satire is Thriving in Russia, While Many Russians Aren't"   - Newsweek

"Putin names judo sparring partner as head of new National Guard"   - The Times

"Torture and Abuse by Police Is the Norm in Russian Prisons"  - Newsweek

"How Putin tried and failed to crush dissent in Russia"  - Newsweek

"Exposed: bungling Kremlinís spy plot"   - The Times

"Chechen leader Kadyrov 'threatens whole of Russia', opposition says"   - The Guardian

"The Kremlin shows the world how to make an AIDS crisis worse"   - Newsweek

"Orchestraís note of defiance still reverberates"  - The Times

"Russian paranoia spurs spike in treason trials"   - Newsweek

"Russian truckers drive a hard bargain"   - Politico

"The Kremlin's Holy Warrior"   - Foreign Policy

"Growing up in the shadow of ĎBrother Putiní"   - Politico

"The Kremlin Knows What You Like...on Facebook"   - Newsweek

"The art of protest in Putin's Russia"   - Politico

"Putin's Syria Adventure May Backfire at Home"   - Newsweek

"Fear and family values in Putin's Russia"  - Politico

"Russia on way to legalising prison beatings"  - The Times

"A Drive to Remember Stalin's Victims Is Being Threatened by Putin's Push to Revise History"   - Newsweek

"Cossacks on the run to protect nature"   - Politico

"Russian Communists are turning to Christ"   - Newsweek

"Putin's 'trauma' as Western leaders boycott his Victory Day parade"   - Newsweek

"A Year After Annexation by Russia, Crimea Remains Bitterly Divided"   - Newsweek

"Putin: Will he go nuclear?"   - Sunday Telegraph

"On The Terraces At Football's Most Dangerous Derby"   - Esquire

"Murmansk: Life In The City Without Sunlight"   - Esquire

"Putin's bikers teach children to hate West"   - The Times

Why nothing will dent Vladimir Putinís soaring popularity at home  - The Guardian

"Russia: Could these protests topple Putin?"   - Sunday Telegraph

"Iranian Comic-Book Artists Seek a Unique, Local Identity"   - The New York Times

"Eduard Limonov interview: Political rebel and Vladimir Putin's worst nightmare"   - The Observer

"Faith healer Anatoly Kashpirovsky: Russia's new Rasputin"   - The Observer

"When Chechnyaís hardman took on the boys from Brazil"   - The Times

"Sanctions squeeze Tehran families as fear of war grows"   - The Times

"Raging in the cold: the Siberian punk who changed the face of Russian music"   - Calvert Journal

"If North Korea go out of the World Cup, will anyone hear them fall?"   - The Guardian